about jZ canine

jZ canine is built on a passion that was inspired by a connection with one special dog, that kind of connection some of you may be lucky enough to know. These wonderful canine companions will live with us forever in spirit and for me it's left a legacy.

For me this experience spawned a line of high end canine gear and it's crazy as this was never planned. I've done much in my lifetime and always look at things in a positive light yet being honest, never imagined I'd design anything or lay a hand on a sewing machine!

My name is Jeff Zitzkat and jZ canine is simply an abbreviation, no I'm not some hip-hop artist for that matter and founded a large electrical contracting firm back in the 90's.. let me rewind a few years and get to know you, or, you me and what this site is all-about.

Late in 2004 I began to publish all about Great Danes to share my love of this incredible breed and pay forward practical first hand information. You can read more about me and my early days publishing all about Great Danes on this page. Inspired by Bruiser, my Great Dane website has connected "grass roots" with people all over the world.

While growing and caring for Bruiser I designed and developed products and gear. This was not by choice, it was a necessity as there were simply no quality products built tough enough and large enough for a Great Dane. Since I've always been somewhat a perfectionist in everything I do, time moved forward and word of mouth spread about the gear I created. My custom designs became, well, sought after. So slowly and one at a time, I offered my designs to all about Great Danes site visitors.

As word of my gear spread from client to neighbor, friends and family, some requested I scale things down to serve smaller breeds. Thinking back it was 4 years ago if I remember that first Polartec Chihuahua coat left the workroom. Since, I've been building high end gear for just about every breed and shipping to Countries across the globe. As always, one client at a time.

As my Great Dane content website has now grown to over 300-pages, the time has come to better serve those with all breeds and simplify things for people just looking for quality high end canine gear. People who demand the best and in search of custom performance products sized to fit any breed, built Great Dane tough.

I am excited to offer jZ canine, the new home of my custom gear!

jZ canine will continue to focus on our high end custom performance canine gear. We've also, FINALLY offer a secure SSL shopping cart! No more PayPal for those of you that would rather simply enter your credit card securely without jumping through hoops. jZ canine now includes an easy to navigate online store, is streamlined, secure and simplifies everything.

You're my client and I work one on one with you. You can also create an account, read and leave product feedback, plus subscribe to email notifications. This will keep you up to date on new products, accessories and improvements to existing products. Custom products available at all about Great Danes are now here and there's new designs ready for launch coming soon!

Thanks to each and everyone who has grown with me and shares a similar passion for their fur companions. You're the reason we exist and it's the love of our pets as a universal language that unites us from all corners of the globe.

Wishing all the best to you and that special dog that keeps your life filled with unconditional love.

Jeff Zitzkat

Founder, Editor & Designer

  • apparel design

    Dog apparel designed for Danes, tough enough for Danes, custom cut to fit all breeds.

    From GIANT breeds to toys like our favorite Chihuahua. Functional high performance apparel that will fit, is sized per order and top quality. Sewn for each client "one to one" in Massachusetts, USA.

  • gear accessories

    Ultra high end gear and accessories built by New England craftsmen.

    Our welders, powder coaters and fabricators are New England neighbors. Our select group of local craftsman help bring jZ canine designs to life. All steel and stainless steel products are crafted, welded and coated by New England Crafstmen. Next, we inspect all components and fit with hardware "in house" before shipping from Mattapoisett, MA USA.

  • pay forward

    For over 10-years Jeff has worked as a canine advocate.

    Jeff has published over 270-pages at all-about-great-danes.com, written many articles on canine health and training, established a discussion forum with over 2500 members and 100-thousand posts, and is currently publishing a comprehensive dog training website. Jeff has worked hand in hand with canine rescue groups and donated gear to local rescues. Paying it forward and sharing a passion is the goal of everything we accomplish.