jZ Canine designs and manufactures quality, one of a kind, custom high end performance canine gear & accessories. We ship to clients the world over that want they best gear available for their dogs.
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Since 2004 we've been manufacturing our custom proprietary designs built for the Great Dane breed. Over the past four years word of our quality high end products has spread world wide to all breed owners of all size dogs. We're thrilled to have at last launched the jZ canine line to serve every dog of every size.

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    Shop exclusive jZ canine products.

    You will find apparel and accessories that are one of a kind. Custom crafted products that we have designed, prototyped and manufactured for dog lovers the world over.

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    Our reputation spans the continents.

    As word of mouth spreads, our reputation of high quality canine gear speaks volumes. Read what people are saying and learn what the buzz is all about.

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    jZ canine press and publishing.

    For nearly a decade it's been an important mission to "pay forward" and share helpful information with other dog lovers. Additional info about our press can be found here.

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  • Just got an Elevated Feeder

    This is well worth every penny! I highly recommend this product for people who are shopping for one or using other cheaper alternatives.

  • Favorite Breeds

    Thought it would be interesting to see what other breeds everyone likes. Here's my top 5..

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  • Have a Heart Fundraiser

    jZ canine donates a powder coated feeding tower for the Potter League Have a Heart fund raiser in Newport, RI on February 11, 2011.